Aarshadhaatu Green Nanotechnologies India Private Limited referred to as “Aarshadhaatu” incorporated in November,2011 with interest in manufacturing copper nano products.

Welcome To Aarshadhaatu

AARSHADHAATU GREEN NANOTECHNOLOGIES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (AARSHADHATHU), is a company registered under Companies Act, 1956 and is established in 2011 (CIN: U27300AP2011PTC077288) with the object of Manufacturing nano metals and metal oxides using Green Technology i.e., by usage of natural herbs and plant extracts resulting in 100% environmental benign process and 0% wastage as final reject.

Aarshadhaatu has a patented “E3 production methods” (Economical, Efficient and Eco-friendly) that are environmentally benign. This patented technology has an advantage of natural organic coating on the nano materials during the manufacturing process leading to better shelf-life and reduced risk of oxidation. This is first time in the world to make nano materials in Industrial scale that too using herbal extracts.Aarshadhaatu manufactures various metal and metal oxide nano particles with purity as high as 99.999% and particle size as low as 10-20 nm. The strength of the company is to deliver nano materials as per the requirements of the customers. In addition to that, the company constantly strives to develop cutting edge technologies in the most cost efficient mode to benefit the society as a whole.

Aarshadhaatu as part of its strategy offers unique package combining unconditional quality, qualified and proven to the global industry standards supplying nano particles to various applications, with optimum cost advantage of being located in India.

The company has an in-house R&D unit named as Aarsha Research Labs (ARL) which is recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Government of India. This R&D unit takes up high end application oriented research for developing nano related technologies. The unit till today has developed green techniques of producing Nano Zinc, Nano Tin, Nano Iron, Nano Titanium and Nano Aluminium in industrial scale. Apart from this, it has successfully proved that Nano Copper can be used for water purification, developing anti-bacterial fabric and anti-bio-fouling coatings. Presently it has undertaken wound healing studies using Nano Copper.

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